A hismith, returns are easy! You can return your order for no reason within one year after you have paid for the order. Please contact customer service to process your return.

But please notice that because all the items offered by hismith are used for sexual purposes, please understand that we can not accept any returns unless they are:

Death on arrival

Even if all items have been QC before shipping, damage has occurred in transportation is inevitable. If your items are received defective, please contact us

within 48 hours of delivery via Express Customer Service.

All products dead on arrival within 5 days after delivery or 30 days after shipment if the delivery date is not traceable (The date of shipment of the order and the order

notification are provided by email).

Note: If your product has died on arrival and the package takes longer (more than 30 days) to contact you, please contact us and provide us with proof

the delivery date within 5 days, we will then process for you according to policy.

In this case, please kindly provide us with evidence as below:

a) Photos of the original IG package with the front and back panels

b) Photos or video of the defective item

c) Photos, video or screenshot showing the defect of the defective item

In a DOA situation: a refund for return costs is available, provided that:

1) Return the item (s) by regular mail (the cheapest way) with the tracking number to the nearest product drop box (see details below); If the mail service with

the tracking number costs more, you can choose one without tracking, please make sure you keep the shipping receipt with you after returning. We will treat for you

when receiving the screenshot of your receipt.

2) Return Shipping Fee is less than 60% of the value of defective items, and also less than $ 40 (USD), we will cover actual shipping costs (according to receipt

you provided). If return shipping costs exceed the above limit, please contact our CS staff to confirm.

Not open

If you are not satisfied with an item for any reason whatsoever, please return them to us, shipping charges in both directions will be the exclusive responsibility of customers. We will

you credit the total purchase price, upon receipt of the product.

Incorrect item

If the products delivered to you are different from those you order and we confirm that the error is on our part, please contact us within 48 hours

delivery via Customer Service Express. We will send you the correct product, replacement or spare parts for you.

For the incorrect item, if you are able to find a use and prefer to keep it, you can suggest us and we will offer you some discount to buy it.

After receiving the incorrect product, please please provide us with evidence as below:

a) The photos or video of the incorrect item (s)

b) The photos, video or screenshot showing the defect of the defective item

Please contact with our customer service before any return.