Machine Hismith avec godes à ventouse

Machine Hismith avec godes à ventouse


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Nouvelle machine

✅ Disponible pour quatre pénétration simultanément Motor Moteur imparable et durable, fournit une vitesse de 0 à 240...

692,99 € 1 259,99 € -45%
putain de sexe

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auto - love

arme automatique machine réglable aiment le sexe anal un dispositif pour les hommes et les femmes de la masturbation...

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99,99 € 199,99 €

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Powerful Motor

The core brush motor, with ling life span and high efficiency, provides enduable and unstoppable thrust you never experienced.

Angle Adjustable

No matter what position you like, doggy style, mossionary or standing position, this machine will attain it with its 360° rotatal adjustment system.

Long Stroke Length

Unlike other awkward products on the market, this machine has an adjustable and long stroke length from 3 to 15 cm, and can be easily adjusted via a screw knob.

Sturdy foundation

Two solod T-frame adds additional 4+ kg to the machine, making it stands firm and steady and grip the ground better

Precise Speed Controller

Advancing electrical controlling system, will let you adjust the speed from 0 to 240 strokes per minute smoothly and precisely.

Very Quiet

Consisting of new motor and sliding system, make at most 50 dB noise at full speed. So enjoy your private time with abandon.

✅QUITE SILENT:Very smoothy slideway,combine with mute motor, make it's noise less than 40db
✅SUPER CORE MOTOT:Powerful mute turbine motor,ensure the machine penetration power,never stop
✅SPEED CONTROLABLE:Come with a speed governor, you can cotrol speed precisely
✅MUTIANGLE ADJUSTABLE:You can change the angle as you wish to meet your differnt sex positions
✅ULTRAL DISCREET PACKAGE:Neutral packing to deliver the product,avoiding unnecessary embarrassment

Length×Width×Height: 18.4×10.2×17.7 inches (46.8×26.0×44.9 cm)
Weight: 24.58 pounds (11.150 kg)
Input Voltage: 110-240 V
Motor Power: 100 W
Telescopic Distance: 1.2-6 inches (3-15 cm)
Thrusting Speed: 0-240 strokes per minute
Noise at Full Speed: 40 dB

Package including:

1 × Hismith Premium Sex Machine with Wired Controller
1 × Suction Cup Adapter For Quick Connector Fucking Machine, Fits Suction Cup Based Dildos
1 × 13 * 2.36 Inches Monster Giant Silicone Dildo With Suction Cup Based
1 × Premium Double Hardness Flesh 8.5 inches Dildo With Ossa Draconis, Suction Cup Based
1 × 6.7 inch Natuarl Feel Realistic Flesh Dildo with Strong Suction Cup
1 × 200mL Water Based Lubricant

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Machine Hismith avec godes à ventouse

Machine Hismith avec godes à ventouse

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